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Declaration of Independence Bingo

by | Mar 31, 2012 | 0 comments

Download this set and play it today!


Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence? Most of us read it in elementary school, or perhaps in high school, but the words from the Declaration have long since faded from our memory. The document not only lists the colonists’ grievences against King George III, but it is an emotional document. Reading it line by line will help you get in touch with the anger that was felt by its signers.

This game breaks the text of the Declaration of Independence into more than 50 segments. The beginning of each segment is contained in the squares. As you play the game, reference the number that is highlighted in red on the accompanying copy of the Declaration.

Use this game in conjunction to teach upper primary grade students in conjunction with the NAEP standards or the curriculum content standards of your state.. This game can also be used with middle and high school students in a question and answer format. For example, prior to covering a square, the student must recite the entire segment or discuss the meaning of that particular segment.

Download this game for only $1.76, and play it today. The set can be expanded to 20 cards ($2.76) or 36 cards ($3.76). If you need a larger set, please send me a message via the contact page.

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