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Does Your Child Know the Names of the 50 States and State Capitals

My youngest child spent significantly less time learning the names of the 50 states than her siblings. She did not learn the state capitals as part of her fifth grade instruction.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or caretaker, has your child learned the names and state capitals of all 50 states? Did that child receive the same instruction about state names and capitols as his or her older siblings? Have you noticed changes in your child’s instruction about our country since implementation of the Common Core?

If you are an educator, do you have time to teach children the names of the states and their capitols? Are you required to do so? Has your instruction regarding this information changed over time, and specifically has it changed as the Common Core has been implemented in your district?

Please be sure to include the age and grade of your child(ren), as well at the state (and if possible district) which is connected with this information.

Love to hear responses and stories! If you would like to provide the information without disclosing your name, please email the information to