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5 Minutes of Ameican History Podcast by Dr. Susan C. Rempel


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The first episode of my original podcast, which happens to be called “American History for the Modern Patriot,” was only about 8 minutes in length, so I thought I would spend this episode explaining what this podcast is about….that way the number of future editions of this podcast will correspond to the lengthier podcast on the same subject.

So why have I created 5 Minutes of American History for the Modern Patriot? What I found after creating a few podcast episodes is that in order to delve into any particular topic and provide the listener with a fair amount of juicy details, my podcasts seem to average about 20 minutes in length. Some are 15. Some are 30.

But what if you don’t have the time to devote to a podcast of that length? What if you just aren’t interested enough in a topic to want to listen for 30 minutes…but you would like a summary or just enough to get the “bare bones” of the topic if you will? That’s why I created 5 Minutes of American History for the Modern Patriot. Some editions may only be 3 minutes, but I promise that none will be longer than 10. Just enough to wet your whistle. If you want to learn more, then listen to the corresponding number of my American History of the Modern Patriot podcast.

If you would like to subscribe to either podcast or my blog, take a look at products and learning tools that I have created, or just learn more about the US Founding, Founding Documents, American holidays and traditions, or our country’s treasures (such as our national parks), be sure to visit my website,

Until next time, this is Dr. Susan Rempel encouraging you to remain motivated, vigilant, and engaged in the political process.




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