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Leftist Propaganda in a High School Spanish class

Leftist Propaganda in a High School Spanish Class

Mortifying! My 11th grader’s Spanish 3 homework this evening included reciting and then translating a paragraph to me. What was it about? Shakira and Justin Bieber traveled to a tropical forest where they observed animals in danger of extinction including Jaguars and poisonous frogs. Don’t you think they would be running if they saw either of those animals? The pair were then caught up in a mudslide caused by deforestation and erosion of the forest.  Inexplicably, although a terrible downpour caused the mudslide, there was still air pollution to the extent that Shakira donned a gas mask to help herself breathe amidst the smog. Poor Justin, who already suffered from pollution induced asthma, was unable to run and died. Shakira then went on a world-wide tour to educate others about appreciating the gifts of our planet. Although she had left Justin to die, she was viewed as a responsible citizen of the planet. Really? Why is such propaganda being taught in a Spanish class much less in high school at all?