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We The People Opinion Polls and Comments

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We The People Opinion Polls & Comments


I concluded my article They Spoke as One…Now it is Our Turn, with the following sentiment: “When we speak as individuals, our expressions are akin to a voice in the wilderness. When we speak as a member of a group, we may still be drowned out by those who disagree with us. However, when WE THE PEOPLE rise up and emphatically speak en mass, the thunder of our voice will resound across the nation. When we act as WE THE PEOPLE, our will cannot be ignored. When we vote as WE THE PEOPLE, we can change the course of this nation. When we continue to engage as WE THE PEOPLE, we can compel our elected officials to restore this amazing country to the constitutional republic which was crafted by the Founding Fathers.  The steps toward the goal may meet resistance, but if we continue to unite as WE THE PEOPLE, the restoration will be unstoppable.”

The phrase “We the People” is so powerful. It reminds us that the United States of America is not a monolithic nation controlled by only a few select individuals but a constitutional republic which is ultimately directed by an engaged citizenry.

Please feel free to comment (G-rated comments only please) on any of the topics listed below. As time passes, I hope to create a useful database of information about examples and opinions resulting from WE THE PEOPLE polls and questionnaires. For example, any details about the thinking behind a teacher, school, or school district’s decision to not focus on the origin of the Thanksgiving holiday would be helpful. What exactly is planned for the school holiday? Is the celebration of Thanksgiving at all controversial? If there is a charity event rather than a meal or celebration, what are the students told about the holiday?  It is those type of concrete examples which I would like to include in my future log posts/articles.

Of course, the polling data I collect, and the opinions you offer, are not representative of the entire nation, but it is just another opportunity for you to remain engaged, and allow me to provide greater information to others about what is happening in our educational system and ultimately in our nation.

Scroll down along side of the “We the People” tab to see past polls. They remain open, so feel free to chime in anytime!