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This morning, as for the past 12 years, I watched the Reading of the Names Ceremony at Ground Zero. Although the internet is filled with images of the American flag and statements honoring those who perished on September 11, 2001, it is that ceremony which truly forces me to recall the horror of that day. The ceremony is simple but gut wrenching. Two people, who each had a relative perish on that day, stand on a podium reading the names of several dozen of those innocent civilians who died or first responders who died trying to save them. They then make a personal comment about the person whom they lost. Although, the anniversary will be noted in news broadcasts throughout the day, and the day has been declared a “National Day of Service and Remembrance” by the Congress, it is the still raw emotion of those survivors that remind me of why we must pull together as a nation and crush those who dare to attack us. Our enemies believe that we have forgotten the horror of that day. They are confident that we can no longer remember the images of the Towers falling or recall the sounds of phone calls made from the plans. Therefore, they drastically underestimate our ability to pull together as a nation.

We must never forget. Yes, this can be a day of service, but it must also be a day of remembrance. God bless all of the innocent civilians, the first responders, and the military personnel who lost their lives on September 11. We will never forget the atrocities committed on this day, and we will never allow those who seek our destruction to be victorious.

Please take a moment today to watch a portion of the replay of the Reading of the Names Ceremony at:

God bless the United States of America.

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.
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