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“The elective franchise if guarded as the act of our safety will peaceably dissipate all combinations to subvert a constitution dictated by the wisdom and resting on the will of the people That will is the only legitimate foundation of any government and to protect its free expression should be our first object.” Thomas Jefferson in a March 23, 1801 letter to Captain Benjamin Waring who served as a representative to the South Carolina legislature.

The attached image is of the memorial obelisk at Kings Mountain National Park in South Carolina. Thomas Jefferson described Battle of Kings Mountain as the “turn of the tide of success” in the American Revolution. The British had seized control of Charleston, South Carolina in May, 1780, and the Battle of Kings Mountain took place on October 7, 1780. The battle was fought between patriot and loyalist militia groups, and the death of British Major Patrick Ferguson was a notable outcome of it. Although the incident lasted only 65 minutes nearly 300 loyalist militia members were killed, and more than 650 were taken prisoner. Conversely, the patriot militia suffered only 29 deaths and 58 injuries. The absence of support resulting from the obliteration of the loyalist militia’s command structure resulted in General Cornwallis’ decision to abandon his plans to overrun colonial forces and invade North Carolina.

Our determination to protect the people’s free expression at the ballot box is What IS Right With America.

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.
Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution: